:: Senin, 12 July 2004 :: 05:37 p.m.

Can't access *pnish* site since morning. Anything happened there? Hmm, 403 Forbidden error message, for all pages? (o.O?)

:: Jumat, 9 Juli 2004 :: 12:31 a.m.

This entry, copied from my other hiding place, will be the last one on this page before I change my layout next week. Just a proof that I'm still alive, also a test of how fast search engines cached this page. Another HunterxHunter comic chapter goes into stageplay version. チェクラッチョ!!

Real Stage [Hunter x Hunter] ~ a longing for Phalcnothdk ~ Kumo no Kioku (or Spider's Memory)
(note : not musical. real stage = straight/serious play)

Date 2004.08.19 - 08.29
Place : Theater Sunmall, Tokyo.

Gon - Takeuchi Junko
Killua - Mitsuhashi Kanako
Curarpikt - Kimura Akiko
Kuroro - Konishi Hiroki
Pakunoda / Phalcnothdk (<- is it the official romaji?) - Ikeda Yukiko
Nobunaga - Kagawa Kouji
Machi - Kuon Sayaka
Shizuku - Nasu Megumi
Finks - Satou Takuyuki
Shalnark - Ichikawa Kuniyoshi
Involved Man (huh? what role is it?) - Kameoka Takahiro

Thank you, neko-chan, for came to my office this afternoon and saved me from stress and boredom working with tables of data. Doain bonus cepet keluar dong biar daku bisa beli CD burner =D

It's past midnight, I should have sleep, but I want to read and translate ComicJack (that's stageplay title which I'd tried to get for several months) interview between Sano Mizuki and Youichi Takahashi (Captain Tsubasa's mangaka) ... X3 I would like to thank N*lk* Pl*nn*ng office for their quick response. The slip I got telling me that I've paid 200 yen more of the overal costs accidentally made me laugh. I'm really pleased with their services. ^^

Now my favorite petshop and vet want pictures of Buu and Nin, my two lovely cats. The vet is always chasing Nin whenever she visits this house. Shall upload them for my next layout.

:: Jumat, 18 June 2004 :: 11:17 p.m.

If you come to my pages looking for downloadable pictures / photo gallery / zippable files of manga or anime songs . . . . you came to a wrong site. My sites support text data only. Nyah! =P

Hummmm, prefer to be on the other hiding place than here lately (^ ^;) I like it because searchengine can't reach it, and I can write private entries there. But pitas is still fun to play with, because I often got weird referrer here XD

Shikki : Daku sudah nonton TeniMyu - Remarkable 1st Match. Bagus!

Being a *pnish* fan, I almost scream when checking out next guest name in Namiki Noriko's [Norikondekoi!] on seisyunradio dot com. WASSSHIIIIIII~~~~!!! <3 The program will start on June 25, won't miss d/l it!

Kakangmas, passwordku buat masuk idzengh.org apa ya? Lupa.

Now, have to count my deposits before doing transfer next week. I have to renew pikun.org domain, pay some debts (sssh!), and pre-order some DVDs/videos. Not to mention have to meet my doctor again, plumps from food allergic last week still appear here and there, but less itchy. Hope I don't have to do another blood test, result of the last one I took was blah.

:: Minggu, 30 May 2004 :: 08:34 p.m.

Nice body Yamamoto Kouji has (*0*). The two latest episode of Shinsengumi are festivals for his fans indeed, hehhehheh. I have no words for the stroyline except that it is going to be a tragic one, particularly for Okita Souji and Serizawa Kamo. Oh, my hate for Oume increased in this episode.

I want to watch Sardono W Kusumo's [Nobody's Body] dance in Festival Seni Surabaya (FSS) next Tuesday. Must check the available ticket tomorrow after work. Too bad, friends are busy, means I have to watch it alone. Oh well. At least, I got friend who will accompany me to watch Kelompok Musik Debu on FSS last day. vv

Saw the latest picture of Yanagi-kun on his top page site. It was taken three days ago, picturing him together with Ichi. Knowing him allright like that made me feel better ^^. Each has picture of their eye on Ichi and Yanagi site. Cute! Anyway, was Yanagi-kun's picture diary really got deleted from infoseek site?

Cloudy, but tonight the weather is quite pleasant. Not too hot like last week, but make me sleepy enough. G'night. zzzzz

:: Rabu, 26 May 2004 :: 09:50 a.m.

This guy, claimed to be one of Pemuda Pancasila member, came to this office an hour ago. He said he has some messages from his, euh, 'oyabun' boss for my boss. My supervisor met him, told him that the branch head is going to Jakarta for a meeting this afternoon. He thought we lie to him, and insisted on waiting. Ha! Be our unwanted guest, mistah! We will serve you no snack nor drink >P

I really hate those so-called 'youth' organizations. They do no good to this country >(

Now, excuse me while I'm going to kill, literally, one of my agents. He made some troubles again, giving insurance coverage promises to clients without our permission, again. I can't take it any longer.

:: Minggu, 23 Mei 2004 :: 06:50 p.m.

Hijikata sings
No, Yamamoto Kouji sings.
Hee~~!! (^v^) I'll stick my ears on TV again when this [Shinsengumi!] episode rerun next week!

:: Jumat, 21 May 2004 :: 06:53 p.m.

When Watanabe Ent. introduced him in vecceed b-flat pages months ago, I thought he could be a perfect Fuji Yuuta if TeniMyu goes into St. Rudolph story. Never thought that Endou Yuuya will replace Koutarou-kun to fill Ryouma role until that boy completely undergone his rehab program. Endou-kun was appeared on NHK's [Churasan], and that program is re-airing again these weeks. Will try not to miss watching it again, hehheh vv

On the other hand, that agency office had put nice strategies to secured the main cast role so it won't fall into talents from another offices.

I'm dead. So many good stuffs appear in this three months. Say, an ALC magazine with TakiEiji on its cover story, the latest [Top Stage] mag on sale next week, Meijiza's [Moeyo Ken] DVD, also TeniMyu Dream Live merchandises. Can't pick all of them. Oh decision, decision, so hard to make (T T)

There's another electricity problem in the office that forced me to shutdown the servers for weekend. I won't work overtime tomorrow, and maybe spend the day playing with my cats, updating webpages and surfing the nets. Woohoo! Now that's weekend for me <3 Also, must remember to do enough stretching before Yosakoi training session next Sunday or I'll have muscle pain all over my body. Like, last week (^^;) Sensei just loves creating difficult moves.

dukun triping : ayo lan-jalan Juli-Agustus nanti ^^ Sekalian nengok mbah di Ngadas?

:: Kamis, 20 Mei 2004 :: 09:42 a.m.

little nyambik: bener2 lupa, hii~ks m(_ _)m. Tulung kirim alamatmu lagi via imel dong. Bener-bener soriii~~~ m(_ _)m

*cek tracker* kakangmas hari ini lembur yah?

Perused through photo collections last night, stopped by here - there thinking about many things, and slept with page of this picture opened. I was surprised when we finally could chat again this morning! Will try to catch you again when I get online sometimes ^^.

:: Senin, 10 May 2004 :: 07:12 a.m.

[Fifteen - Love] has been down since three days ago. Because of server maintenance, I think. Hope it will be back again in few days, so I can update it.

About yesterday's Shinsengumi ep. 18 : just when the storyline goes serious, bam! Mitani-san slapped humorous scene like how Okita fallen in love with Oume, and had a heartbreak when he found out Oume loves Serizawa. Also, the sumo contests between Roushigumi members! It was a treat for female audiences, wasn't it? *LOL* I like Tatsuya's face when he was ready to fight, it was so cute! Also when he pouted when he realized Oume loves teasing him. Beside that, Hide'jirou' always trails behind Okita everywhere he goes. Tohoho. Love in disguised? ^^

Skip the office today. As usual, health problem. Boohoo.

:: Jum'at, 7 May 2004 :: 07:42 p.m.

Kakangmas, happy birthday ^^

Yay, I finally remember it! Not like last year when I realized it was your birthday three weeks after! XDD (oi!)

Want to know what finally happened to the woman participant of [Gentayangan] at Gua Belanda, Tahura Bandung in my 30.04.2004? Snake spirit possessed her. She started dancing and moving just like snake. Hoe!

Mbah Dot : kulo mboten ngertos basa londo, eh, Djerman. Artine apa tha? :D

Mbah cooks crab gulai for dinner tonight. Yum! =9 Gotta go home fast! Yeah, I'm still at the office at this hour :p

:: Sabtu, 1 May 2004 :: 02:26 p.m.

*reading ads for FCRB Stadium Project Futsal Championship in Tokyo*

Hmmm... since Eiji-san and Wasshii are member of certain futsal team whose name I won't mention here (nyahaha), will they also participate as players on May 30th match? Concerning their tight performance schedules, hope no one gets injured in this game (^^;)

May already, wow. Time's running fast. Okay, back to sleep! (<- a fool who spent the night reading useless materials)

:: Jum'at, 30 April 2004 :: 02:52 p.m.

Edit : :D juga buat kakangmas. Daku kebanyakan makan mie Selera Rakyat =D

Last night, mom and dad watched these scary programs on TV. Each week the producer picked up one scary spot, took a psychic to explain what kind of ghosts and spirits present, and then put a participant to test his/her courage of being alone in the dark there. The only things that accompany the participant are a camera and an infrared one. S/he can quit the challenge by calling the staff/program host in front of the camera to come to his/her place.

There are several programs now airing on TV. My favorite is [Dunia Lain] (The Other World), while my parents prefer [Gentayangan] (Haunted? I forgot the correct translation)

Different from usual, Last night [Gentayangan] was a special live program, and it took place at, (Mbah Dot, surprise surprise!) Goa Jepang and Benteng Belanda in Taman Hutan Raya Juanda, Bandung. It's about 10 km from where I lived six years ago. They use a room where the Dutch soldiers interrogated (and also tortured) its prisoners in Benteng Belanda (place A) and cave far deep in Goa Jepang (place B).

I'm Sure Mbah Dot and kakangmas still remember what both of you had done to me in both places when we were having fun there XD

So, First participant in place A is a man, and woman in place B. An hour later, the woman in place B wanted to quit. Before that happened, she recited Yasin verses in loud voice, showing that there was something really scared her there. When the host arrived, she said that there was this animal, big as lion but with human head, teasing her repeatedly and wanted to attack her. When she recited the verses, that 'animal' just laughed and continued to tease her from below the camera. That explained why she refused to look at the camera and threw her purse to the direction. The man in place A was having difficulties also. Something pushed him down. He put a guard, ready to defend from something unseen, but then lost his balance and repeatedly strangling himself in the neck by his own hand. When the psychic came to help him, he said that there are many big creatures attacking him, two of them grabbed him by the neck and tried to enter his body.

After 'cleansing' those two from nasty spirits who clinged to them, the staffs put another participants in place A (woman) and place B (man). Until the end of the liveshow, there weren't any interesting things happened in place B. Different from place A. Half an hour later, noise like someone banging the steel bars came from outside place A. Then, a voice was heard. It was a dry, whispering sound like spoken by a strangled person. It asked [Who are you?]. The woman was scared but still brave enough to answer it in timid voice. The spirit continued, [What are you dong here?]. Again, the woman answered. Then, words that turned my curiosity into fear came.

[I don't like you being here]

Looked like the woman started to cry, but she didn't quit the challenge. Stuttered, she continued to explain why she was there. The host, psychic and other staffs watched silently from the camera in other place a minute away from where she was. Then, the psychic started commenting that now there are many spirits around the woman, ready to attack her if she lose her consciousness (>.<)

Time was running out! They stopped the live programming, but continue to tape the challenge and will be airing the results next week. So, as the credits rolled by, audience still can see the male participants sitting patiently in place B, and a sobbing woman in place A. Somehow I feel really sorry for them and for the spirits there.

That program made me think something. My workdesk is placed in a most scary spot in this office. Officemates said that there is female spirit dwells near my desk. Some had experienced troubles from her. But I never felt once these three years, even when I was alone doing overtime

What if she hates me like the ghosts there hate the participants?
What if she dislikes all the noise I made in her dwelling?
What if she decides to sing along the song played on winamp with me?!?
Brrrrrr.... (>.<)

I think 'she' choose to stay in her own world and let me do whatever I want in my own world. I really hope so. There was this accident that I didn't understand its meaning until today. I was at my boss' workroom in the same floor as I work. There were boss and 7 mates around, but suddenly I felt the urge to check the circuit panel near. I didn't know why, but at that time I feel that I HAD to check it. Turned out that the circuit was on fire. Was it the spirit trying to inform me so she won't loose her dwelling place? Dunno =/

Neko-chan, Ichi is hyper genki in TeniMyu Remarkable than TeniMyu 1. Yes, you'll love his act ^^. I guess that will be another reason for you to 'rob' my house, right? XDD

Found a site that stores flyers of *pnish* [Panic Age] and their show in Tokyo Comedy Festival [Panic Jishaku] held today. In big size too. Teeeheee XD. I hope my video order yesterday didn't confuse them...

Next Monday is a holiday, I can do many things I like, e.g. updating my sites, translating articles, and playing with my cats ^^. Two weeks ago brother's friend gave us a 1-year old, mixed breed between Himalayan and Persian, male cat named Toto. I often miscalled him with Toro (^^;;) The problem is, Toro, I mean, Toto starts flirting with Buu and Nin, the other Persian cat. Awww...

Yah, quite a long update, isn't it? ^^ And I still envious for a friend that received a postcard from Kimeru yesterday. Written in simple English, the postcard travelled a long way from Japan to Indonesia, and now is a part of her precious treasures. Congratulations, Dhiet!

:: Sabtu, 24 April 2004 :: 03:29 p.m.

Wow, neglected this log again. As usual, so many things to do, so little time I have =.=

For Eve : I have nothing to say against. Kakakakaka >D
*I feel flames will be coming this way, ugh!*

:: Jumat, 2 April 2004 :: 12:15 p.m.

You've been trying hard to reach your fans overseas. We <3 you, Kimeru!! ^^

:: Senin, 29 Maret 2004 :: 9:30 p.m.

After a year able to make a living without medicine, early this month I have to take Pl*v*x again. My condition was getting worse. Days later I had severe headaches. My doctor suspected that the old illness want to strike me again, and reminded me to have a healthy, stress-free life for my own sake. Yeah. I forgot that because of a workaholic person I am (>.<). I'm getting better now, but have to meet my doctor each week to control this illness...

Lately I've been reading many kansou/impressions and fanreports from Ninagawa Yukio's [Hamlet] stageplay. The casts are Fujiwara Tatsuya (Hamlet), Suzuki Anne (Ophelia), Inoue Yoshio (Laertes) and Oguri Shun (Fortinbras). The reports mainly written in Japanese, but you can read the English report from Japan Times Online

There is another report in English written by Nobie-san, but I'm afraid his/her site is not link free ^^; Try googling a little, you'll find the beautiful report of the stage in the eye of a fan

Plain stage, with minimal decoration. Wow! The production staff haven't release the recorded session of this stage into DVD/VHS format. So, I downloaded all of the interview and practice session clips from Theatre Cocoon's site. Here are my favorite scenes (screencaps taken from streaming movies on that site):

When Hamlet scolded Queen Gertrude for what she had done to the dead King and him [Act 3 Scene 4]
Hamlet & Queen Gertrude

As Ophelia madness being watched by Laertes, her brother [Act 4 Scene 4]
Ophelia & Laertes

After Hamlet said, ""Haka ni haitta baka ga jibun no haka to iu no wa hakabakashii haitta na?" <- amI right in catching these lines? I can't trust my hearing ^^; [Act 5 Scene 1] ]
oh no!
"...shikashi ... shikamo ... hazukashii ... naze ni ..." (*oh no, I forgot my own lines >.<*) ... and Ninagawa-san caressed his head lightly after that XD

Hamlet - Laertes pre-fight [Act 5 Scene 2]
Hamlet & Laertes

I heard that WOWOW TV will be airing this stage starting April. I do hope the DVD/Video will be available after that. Will be waiting patiently for it. I want to know how Tatsuya-kun's act during the soliloquy parts of this stage, particularly the famous [to be or not to be, that is the question] lines.

MMV finally released the Musical [Hunter x Hunter] DVD last week. The details as follows:
Product Code: PCBX-50587
Company : Marvelous Entertainment Inc / Pony Canyon.
Price : 6,800 yen (excl. tax)
Release date : 2004.03.17
Contents : 1st Musical [Hunter & Hunter] and 2nd Musical [the nightmare of Zaoldyeck]
Katsuchan, I'll try to get this one. Thank you very much for your offer earlier, I really apreciate it!

Nina, kalau berani culik Buu, dikau jadi persona non grata di rumah =D. Naruto Stage itu acara teatrikal mini di booth Bandai waktu Jump Festa 2004 Desember lalu. Selain Naruto, ada juga stage Saint Seiya & One Piece ^^ (screncaps taken from Jump WebTV clips, sorry for the poor quality)
Bandai Booth, Jump Festa 2004, Dec 2003

Neko-chan, update done =) Kalau ada kabar gathering, lewat SMS aja yah, ponselku speakernya rusak =P

I spent my deposit for medicine, now how can I pre-order *pnish* on vol. 3 video ...x_X. Still lucky the doctor didn't send me away to hospital though, or ...

Last puzzle for tonight. Yanagi-kun's jamanee-san once said in the bbs that this boy will make a return (after his accident) into performance world around Golden Week. Could it be it? In this TeniMyu Live event? Jamanee-san later wrote to not letting fans expectation goes up, he can't make a promise whether his boy could appear or not... humm...

:: Jumat, 12 Maret 2004 :: 11:47 p.m.

Miko, thanks! ^^ Now Buu is completely different from the picture above. She's much fluffier, with shorter 'ear hair'...

Raito, thanks for the link. I'm also following Death Note regularly from Shounen Jump ^^

Buat mpu: yaa~? ono opo tho yoo~, kok dadi kangen suara diajeng piku~n? =D

Come to think of it, based on poll inside Tenipuri Fanbook 10.5, what kind of stage will it be if it was Tatsuya-kun who played Fuji Shuusuke role instead of Kimeru in TeniMyu?

Finally, finally, finally, found fanrepo on Jump Festa 2003 AND 2004, Bandai Booth - One Piece Theatrical Stage, with photos! The webmistress is not a *pnish* fan, but I enjoy her comments on each photographs she took. Daikicchaa~n! Tutiii~~! E~ji-suwaaaaaaaa~~n!!! <3<3 (Is there anyone outthere who have video of these stages? ;_;)

*pnish* changed their bbs into a much simple and easy to handle one. Too bad, I lost the cached files of their old bbs from file #36 above. Gyah! (>.<)

:: Minggu, 7 Maret 2004 :: 11:33 p.m.


Yeah, I was having movies festival this evening (talking about having fun before office work hit me tomorrow, ha!). Watched [Persona], then [Shinsengumi!], then [Battle Royale] instead of working on other, important things, like... filling the entries on my tax form (^^;;)

:: Sabtu, 6 March 2004 :: 03:39 p.m.

Finally, I'm able to watch that MSDF 'Nippon Seaman Ship' CM. I've been looking for it everywhere! ^o^

link if you're interested:
www.jda.go.jp/JMSDF/index.html -> CM

:: Minggu, 29 Februari 2004 :: 11:53 p.m.

I've neglected this place for almost a month. Wow.

Watched NHK [Shinsengumi!] ep. 8 this evening, and [Gohatto] after that. Hijikata's image from Beat Takeshi version and Yamamoto Kouji version doesn't mix well inside my head @_@

I like Yamamoto Kouji version a bit. I like him. Could I make it as a reason to spend my deposit collecting Toho's Les Miserables stuff? XD I want to see Yamamoto on the stage as Marius!

Birthday present from kakangmas (^o^)

Will be back to regular blogging after a week. Almost done with my pile of documents vvv

:: Minggu, 1 Februari 2004 :: 03:44 p.m.

Finally we could chatted after all this time ^^ Let's meet again next week! You still haven't finish that special event story XDD

*wipes drools off keyboard* Hnn? What had happened? Errr, nothing. Really. *innocent looks*

Is there something happen to birdiehouse domain? I can't access Kimeru site since last night >.<

:: Minggu, 1 Februari 2004 :: 09:31 a.m.

Happy Eid Adha! ^^

My sis finally moved to her own room, so now I have a huge room for myself ^^ Although I want to spend the holiday I have for rest (stressed out from work lately), I want to change the layout of my room, separate it into two space for private (me) and public (friends) when they come to my house.

Just read letter from Yanagi-kun jaamane-san XD in his official site. Before I was worried what will happen to his graduation things because of the accident, but jaamane-san words relieved me ^^ Glad to know he is already exchanging mails with many people like TeniMyu casts nowadays. Until the day he really comes back, tanoshimini mattemasu ^^.

I can only get small CM clip from Toyota Official Site. Can't see it clearly, but from one of the actors bangs ... is Daikicchan the one who sat behind the driver in futsal shirt?

Kagome, maaf, daku tak terlibat dalam kegiatan TV7, tapi pasti ada yang bakal menyampaikan hal ini ke mereka (^^)

:: Rabu, 28 Januari 2004 :: 08:35 p.m.

*looking at the latest picture of PnicCafe. Sayuri-san, I owe you much!*

"Irasshaimase~~ndeshita, dare mo" XDD If there is any cafe near my office who has waitress like Wasshii, I'll sure to visit it often. Not because of the apron he wears.

I know Nitii also took part in Naruto Stage in Bandai Booth Jump Festa, the way he dressed in this event reminds me of Naruto *scratches head* Really different from his Panipe picture, he looks more naughty.

But, Junk Brothers! Also that spilled water accident! I'll wait patiently until the video come, so we could discussed about it later, ne? =)

Rif, yep, that's my kitten "ear" hair, she inherited it from the male side. ^^

Sorry to hear the news, daku bakal lempar jumrah di sana dan di asrama haji akhir minggu ini >:D . Right, this kitten and the queen (induknya) are the ones who often bug me whenever I'm dating my comp. While the kitten cries for hugs, the queen will sits between me and the monitor (^^;;)

:: Selasa, 27 Januari 2004 :: 04:51 p.m.

The Seven Pikun's Log Mysteries
#1. Weird date system.

*points below* Should be 20 Januari XDDD

Kakangmas, happy anniversary! It IS January 26, not 28 =D

Still busy with many things, catch you all later! <3

:: Selasa, 290 Januari 2004 :: 01:11 p.m.

boo, sorry, I do have that Genius 51 because I collect the Jump manga version, but I refuse to scan it or scanslate it.

Eve, ichinensei? *giggles*

Augh! Souta released his fanbook vol. 01 ... *cries*

:: Senin, 19 Januari 2004 :: 11:22 p.m.

Update in MMV close-up, diary, and Q&A section! Yay! Question on 'Among Fudoumine member, who was the nakimushi (one who easily cries) one?' Sugawara-san answered ... 'Ibu' (a.k.a Konitan) ^^. Recently Sugawara-san appeared in tokusatsu series Gransazers, heard he played well in there.

In the Q&A section, Tuti also mentions his experience when he drank Inui Jiru, and set a trap later in the performance. Behind the stage, they agreed to call 'Ryoma' (if I'm not mistaken) as the one who often missed the ball, but Ooishi called Inui instead XD Inui's [maji?!] face must be priceless!

Heard that the audience always clapped when the casts sung makes me worried. It will be difficult to edit that clapping sound from the recorded session. Agree with what one fan wrote,"Hey, what is this stage, a live concert? Or musical play?"

Looks like my wallet choose *pnish* Cafe video instead of TakiEiji, Yanagi-kun, Souta, or Nagayan DVD. Ladies, sorry, maybe next month I'll be able to get one of it m(_ _)m. Ra, please tell him sorry for the scoldings, just found out that the staffs have difficulties in video editing process so he will received ON video around February m(_ _)m. I wonder what happened to ComicJack one...

:: Minggu, 18 Januari 2004 :: 01:57 p.m.

Did another google searching since yesterday. Got too much data, I'm dizzy ...

Found out that Yanagi-kun was also in 15th Junon Super Boy Contest in 2002, when he was in the 2nd year of High School. One of his charming point, as the fansite wrote, is his eyes. Got to agree with that *nodnod* AND! Knowing that he's allright now makes me very happy! I like this boy's spirit!

I have a crappy kanji writing style, maybe I should rewrite this letter again ... for the 4th times =P It's easier to let the printer do the task, but writing your own fanletter is much more enjoyable <3

:: Kamis, 8 Januari 2004 :: 09:58 p.m.

HikaGo. One manga that I still love until now (even wrote a mini review of it for a magazine year ago), and now, the anime version appears on my television

Somehow I should thank my office for making me went home around 8 pm each day. I never get to watch this dubbed anime, as well as others like Whistle! or HxH. I think it saves me from the bad translation dubbed HikaGo anime have. Also make me miss the fun of praising dubbers that meet my qualification of a professional one. Or mocking out several translators out there that succesfully ruined my favorite Jump anime series...

And if you, my friend who borrow my HikaGo [sai], read this ... oi, it's been months, you know! Please return it back! Don't make me be the one who called you first! >(

must fix my mood, must fix my mood...
*reads Kime's column and several other TeniMyu fan reports*

I need a new dictionary, a good Japanese<->English one...

:: Rabu, 7 January 2004 :: 08:19 p.m.

I <3 that picture of Taka@AbeB and Ryouma@Kimeru sitting side by side. Someone already mentioned it (in his bbs? Kou-chan bbs? I forgot) that Kimeru with black hair reminded her of his early pictures in his first official page (not the Absolute Productions one). *checked out cached pages* She's right!

Come to think of it, Kimeru and Odacchi, both came from Kumamoto Pref. Hmmm... The Key Mail words he used in the lyrics below, does it have something to do with his old site?

Edit: just when I thought I can't find any good data from the net, I find a page. Now I have to make sure that the webmistress of that page _is_not_ his sister. Yahha~!

:: Selasa, 6 Januari 2004 :: 10:11 p.m.

Dhiet, I have the same opinion as you. Fun romaji name you have there, Mgr. Hillty (^.^) Beside Kimeru [Overlap] live March 23, Kimeru will also appear in [Pop Beat Music Party 2004] concert in Feb 28 with other new artists.

*pnish* will also held [*pnish* ON vol.3] stage in late March for 5 days. Can't tell the date yet (just wait until *pnish* put this news in their site), I was accidently saw the chirashi/news from the theatre where they will perform when browsing blindly this evening ^^

Just my curiosity, why there's no one mentioned that Marui had taken down all Takigawa Eiji CM clips from their site right after Christmas? I hope it's not because of us, his non-Japanese fans, that hammered down their server to download those treats *ouch!*

Last, transliteration of [KEY OF LIFE], my favorite song from Kimeru's mini album [The Beginning]. I'll move it and other lyrics (endless pain, Decide~first gate) unto my pikun.org site as soon as I remember the ftp password =P. Many thanks to Eda for the help of getting kanji lyrics *chu! <3* Notice that the words KEY MAIL, when being written with kana, is pointing to the singer's name himself ^^. I can imagine how fun his debut live last month when he sang this song together with his fans

KEY OF LIFE - Kimeru

hajimete hadashi de hashitte makkura de mo hitotsu no new life
shuumatsu shisou no mawari o yokome de mite kanjite
hajimete hitori de nayande sagashi dashita hitotsu no mirai
shuumatsu shisouna futari no horoscope o shinjite

motto tsuyoku mou zutto energy wa
kitto koko kara mo fuki dashiteku yabamesa

Don't make me cry now!
You make me feel good!
yume mitai na
kuukan made idoushite
Don't make me cry now!
You make me feel good!
yume mitai na
uchuu kara no atsui KEY MAIL

hajimete aishite dareka o sukuesouna tashikana jidai
seigi mo shingi mo yuugi mo hitotsu ni shite boku-sama

kitto kitsuku tsuraku nattemo
ima no basho yori wa susundeiru bunmei

Don't make me cry now!
You make me feel good!
yume mitai na
jikan o oikoshite
Don't make me cry now!
You make me feel good!
yume mitai na
mirai kara no atsui KEY MAIL

dakara tsuyoku mou chotto energy o
nazo no key word o sagasu tame ni sakende yo

Don't make me cry now!
You make me feel good!
yume mitai na
kuukan made idoushite
Don't make me cry now!
You make me feel good!
yume mitai na
uchuu kara no atsui KEY MAIL

:: Minggu, 4 Januari 2004 :: 02:38 p.m.

I must thank all TeniMyu fans out there that watched and wrote quite a detailed fan report of each stage in Tokyo, written in English (thank's Jenn! Eda!) or in Japanese. There are many dialog versions, for example, when Momo - Ryouma and Kaidou met Karupin during their way home from school.
- Momo: "Ah, Tanuki!" *lol*
- Kaidou: "Ah, Neko". The variations are: "Tanuki?" and ... "Is it new species?" *lolol*

They also have variations of who became the first victim of Inui's recipe in each stage.

Because the last stage in Tokyo happens to be in New Years Eve, there are many gags about things particularly happen in that day (like giving out otoshidama). My sister hates to see me laughing when reading these fanrepo, so here I am, still reading them and typing this entry with my mouth buried with pillow.

You know you've been stalking these boys too much when you laughed as you read these lines
"embrace and hold on me, ah!"
"is that Inui-sempai's data #18?"
"no, my #18 is... "
see and count Souta's profile in his site to know what I mean XD

Which dialog versions will the DVD contains? I'm curious! o(^-^)o

:: Sabtu, 3 Januari 2004 :: 10:26 a.m.

My computer processor fan broke, and most of computer shops around home still closed for holidays, so I can't be connected to the Internet from home until next Monday. I don't like typing in this netcafe, too crowded, it has no workstation that support Japanese fonts, and can't upload files from here. Blah.

Someone has been using my lycos mail addie to send spam mails. I have no choice but to close watsuki @ lycos dot com forever, and change it to the new one (see my profile in left side bar). Spammers, I hate you.

:: Kamis, 1 Januari 2004 :: 03:00 p.m.

Happy New Year!

Ulat, [Love Prince] that will be release on Feb 12 is a music game, the same genre as Kiss of Prince game. There are 20 characters in each version. Beside the Regulars and Atobe Keigo (the staff decided he must appear in BOTH! XD), other 10 characters you'll meet in:
Sweet: Tachibana Kippei (Fudoumine), Tachibana Ann, Akutagawa Jirou (Hyoutei), Sakaki Tarou *LOL* (Hyoutei), Fuji Yuuta (St Rudolph), Aoi Kentarou (Rokkaku), Saeki Kojirou (Rokkaku), Itsuki Marehiko (Rokkaku), Sanada Genichirou (Rikkai Dai), Yanagi Renji (Rikkai Dai)
Bitter: Sengoku Kiyosumi (Yamabuki Chuu), Akutsu Jin (Yamabuki Chuu), Kamio Akira (Fudoumine), Oshitari Yuushi (Hyoutei), Shishido Ryou (Hyoutei), Ootori Choutarou (Hyoutei), Amane Hikaru (Rokkaku), Kurobane Harukaze (Rokkaku), Kirihara Akaya (Rikkai Dai), Yukimura Seiichi (Rikkai Dai)

Really glad to know Yanagi-kun is allright, and the stage for TeniMyu Remarkable was really awesome! This is the last day of Tokyo stage. For you who watched it, otsukaresama deshita! Thank you for the Fan Report you wrote! m(_ _)m

I'm sparkling now. Kimeru will have his new single [Overlap], and Takigawa Eiji will have his (first) shashinshuu or photo collection DVD. Release date for both items? On my birthday date!! (^^)v <- a really, really happy fans

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